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Dr. Ortiz Commitment to YOU


Dr. Ortiz is a Doctor in Chiropractic Medicine committed in helping the patients to try to find the root of the cause of their musculo-skeletal health problems, and help them overcome these problems.

 From your first visit you'll feel confident and at home. A first consultation is key for designing the treatment that better suites your needs and goals. Dr. Ortiz will  listen to all your concerns, and will try to make sure you'll step out of the office feeling rejuvenated and with all the information you need to know to live a better life, and have the care you need to avoid further body health issues.

Living in constant pain?


  Most probably, like many other people, you are having a bad posture problem that is affecting the way your body should regularly function. As a consequence there is pain.  

Poor posture and body alignment can:

  • Reduce the blood flow to and from the heart.
  • Produce stress on lower and upper back.
  • Produce dizziness, headaches and "pins and needless". 
  • Reduce nerve signals from the spine.
  • Increases pressure to kidneys, stomach, colon and other internal organs.
  • Increases fatigue and negatively impacts sleep.
  • Affect your body capability to loose weight, 
  • ...and many others.  

A different approach to Pain Relief and Body Alignment


Because Dr. Ortiz listens and cares, he will go the extra mile for each of his patients.

Not only he will perform his treatments for you, but he will also recommend you the supplements, orthotics or life style changes you need to make to keep you aligned and start a new and healthy life. 

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